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Being a Student Ambassador is an opportunity to enhance your overall education experience. This role will constructively develop communication, leadership and teamwork skills. This role also increases employ-ability and gives the opportunity to confidently work in a variety of settings.




  • Maintain 90 percent academic and attendance

  • To be reviewed periodically during SAP counselings.

  • Participating in student council responsibilities

  • Promote school loyalty and school pride

  • Represent student feelings, opinions, and interests

  • Participate in and promote school activities and projects

  • Promote and advocate respect for school policies and staff members

  • Create a good relationship between Staff and students

  • Create positive content to post on social media to promote the school                               IE (Student experience, Promotions, activities)

  • Must create 12 posts of content a month on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tag school for each post

  • Be a resource for potential students as it pertains to any inquires around enrollment/life as an ABA student. (online inquiries, tours, orientations)

  • Assist staff with various school projects.


If terms of scholarship are not met you will become subject to a probation period of 30 days to bring performance up to required standards.
If you have failed to amend the probation the scholarship will be terminated and full tuition will be implemented.

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